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We can buy your Connecticut house.
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The beautiful County of New London is a wonderful part of Connecticut that we have the privilege to purchase amazing houses in. Being professional property buyers, we have an expert eye and instinct when buying properties from homeowners. We can see past damages to the core of the house and the potential that it has. Being able to provide this means that you never have to clean or make any repairs to your house at all. It also allows the process to be less stress inducing than if you were using the traditional methods of selling the property. It’s a far faster process when you have us buy your property, so you can leave your house in as little as a week after we provide you with our bid. Whatever the reason is that you are selling your house does not affect us in buying your house, only the urgency that we need to process the sale. We buy them for any reason, and in any condition, so that the process of you moving on from your burden can be expedited. The bid that we offer on your house is guaranteed to be a fair cash price, and will often be higher than you expect.

Is it Possible to Sell My House Fast?

If you are trying to sell an unwanted property that you own or have inherited, and you are looking to do it quickly, CT Cash Homes is here to help. We buy houses from homeowners in any condition, with no stipulations. The areas that we purchase house in are all through Connecticut, such as Hartford County, New Haven County, Tolland County, Middlesex County, and London County, along with areas in Rhode Island and Western Massachusetts. We understand that selling a house can be stressful and time consuming, especially if you have a tight deadline, and we are here to make it much easier. You don’t need to have a real-estate agent for us to buy from you, which means all the money we offer goes straight to you for whatever you need it for. Did we mention that we pay cash for homes? When we pay you, it is all cash, meaning you don’t have to wait for a bank to transfer the money to you. You get it right then and there.

Does My Home Need To Be in Perfect Condition?

No, it does not need to be in perfect condition. It doesn’t even need to be in an inhabitable condition. We will buy your house regardless of condition so long as it meets our criteria. You could be living in it, it could be vacant, or even unlivable and we will still purchase your home. We can even get rid of any tenants who were previously unwilling to move out before us buying from you. When you contact us, we will gather the needed information about your house such as the address, a few details about what type of condition it is in, and if you currently live there. With that information, we can see if it matches the criteria of the houses that we purchase. If it does, we will call you within 48-hours with an all-cash bid that is suitable for your home. Going through this process with us allows you to have the money in your hands in as little as seven days. We understand that it is very stressful to move and sell your house, but we hope that we can make it just a bit easier for you by being quick, efficient and able to work with your schedule.

Our Process is Designed to Make Selling Your Home Simple

If you want the simplest, hassle-free process while selling your home that puts cash in your hands, all you have to do is to give us a call and we can guarantee that our process will be exactly that. There are no contracts for you to sign until you sell us your house, so there is no obligation for you to commit to us if you don’t want to. We do not take any commissions or fees out of the money that we are going to pay you the way real estate agents do. The money you receive from selling us your home will go straight to you, in cash, available to use immediately. Once we supply you with an offer, you can take as much time as needed to decide if it is the right price for you. When you choose to accept our offer for your property, we can close and give you your money in as quickly as 7-days since we don’t require financing from a bank. We are prepared to offer the cash now. We also close on your schedule, so you get to have the control throughout the whole process. Just tell us when the time is right for you to close and we will work with your schedule.

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Contacting Us to Receive a Bid is Simple

Contacting us and giving us the necessary information about your house is just as simple, if not simpler, than the process that we use to buy your house. The quick form to get started is available right here on our site. Once you fill it out and send it to us, we will contact you within 48-hours with either an offer, or to inform you that currently we are unable to purchase your house. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide open and honest information and feedback to the people we are working with. It is our goal and mission to always be fair and transparent in a no-pressure environment, affording you a fast and easy way to sell your home.

We also welcome your calls. Contact us at (866) 836-8663 to speak to one of our helpful customer service representatives. They are happy to answer any questions that you may have for us and will be able to gather all of the needed information to place into our database and get you a reasonable offer quickly. Thank you for considering us to be the new owners of your previous home, we hope that we can work with you soon.